A Life of the Past

October 2017

This is my friend Peter. Peter was 16 years old when he became part of the biggest radioshow in danish history: Tæskeholdet. He became known in the general public as "Klokkelærlingen". 
Peter can tell funny stories all long from his time at the show. It's really enjoyable, but at the same time it got me thinking of how some people rise to fame quickly and then fade away and kind of stock in the past. Now, Peter is nowhere fading away or stuck in the past, but he is not in the same spotlight anymore and haven't been for years and it's funny teasing him with it - and we all just goofing around joking about it. But I thought it would be funny to make a story of where Peter might could be today.

I pictured him in a small house, having a room in the basement converted into what used to be his life. He would go on listening to the radioshow and reading the magazines. He would wear his signature devils-horn. He would be sad of his life, feeling he never could climb the stairs for a new fame. He peaked at a young age and never got the traction to continue further. Left with only the memories, smoking and the booze.