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The Food Bank

Since april 2017 I have been a a volunteering photographer to FødevareBanken in order to make portraits and environmental images to help create visuals for this amazing project. I started out by applying to a job posting thinking it was going to give me the opportunity to photograph subjects not otherwise easy accessible. It has giving me exactly that and so much more. Meeting all the people, talking with the 'users' and seeing how things work is very rewarding.

FødevareBanken collects surplus food from retailers and manufacturers which somehow does not meet the requirements for a typical sale. The food is in perfect condition, but small matters like damaged packaging, wrong text, expired competitions etc. makes it considered waste. In 2016 they collected and distributed 813 tons of food or almost 2 mill. meals. All the food is being distributed by FødevareBanken’s own team of volunteers to shelters, schools, churches and other hospitality services who cook the meals for people in need.