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The Real

Donald Duck

September 2017

What does the most powerful man in the world do when he takes a dump? Well, besides the dump part I don't know, but I have an idea. He reads his favourite literature - Donald Duck "From Rags to Riches". But hates when CNN post fake news on Twitter in the middle of it all. It just makes him furious.

It was a personal project which took forever to get completed. I had to build a set, find a woman who could look and act and like DT, get some clothing and getting props. Furthermore I needed a skilled makeup artist who would know how to get that signature hairstyle. And that hair took some time to do. Making a woman with long hair look like a man with relative short hair was a challenge, but Tina Kristoffersen made it all happen. Why a woman to act DT? Well, I think women acting (if talented) as men bring an extra dimension to the character and are slightly more funny. I sought after a candidate on and got one (1!) applicant. Thankfully, Christine was totally in to it and acted so funny - we cracked up all the time.

Why DT on a toilet? .... Why not? To me, he is a like a cartoon character. A narcissist. He is like Donald Duck on a bad day, hence the reference. He's got an exploding temperament. If he doesn't get his will he gets furious and just want to punch everybody in the face. But he is also a human being, doing the most human things, taking a crap while he enjoys comics - maybe he just looks at the drawings without even reading! He might feel at little alone or isolated. You never know what to expect, he is a walking bomb and changes his mind whichever way the wind blows. Everybody got an opinion on DT. You either hate him or love him, but he is a human being.

Model: Christine Hoffmann Petersen,
Makeup: Tina Kristoffersen,